In the event of an educator walk out, let’s keep the education going! Feel free to join us for one day or all ten!


Ages: 2nd grade – 6th grade

Space is limited and advanced registration is required.

Daily Camp Schedule

8:00 AM Arrival
8:15 AM Getting an Aquarium Ready for the Day
Check exhibits, feed animals, etc.
9:30 AM All Access
Touch animals and travel the Aquarium before we open
10:00 AM Snack
10:15 AM Small Group Program with Activity!
Sea Turtle Science
Creeps from the Deep
Completely Cartilanginous
8 Armed Bandits
Reptile Roundup
The Coral Animal
Who Eats Who
Aquasaurs/Fossils of Oklahoma
Extreme Amazon
The Artic Zone
11:30 AM Lunch (Please provide sack lunch)
12:15 PM Get Out and Stretch
12:45 PM Out and About – Outdoor Activities
Discover Macroinvertebrates
Bug Hunt
Printing Nature
Birds of the Arkansas
Riparian Zone
Biodegradable Planting
1:45 PM Snack
2:00 PM Explore the Aquarium
Amazing Invertabrates / Extreme Fish
Aquatic Oklahoma / Ozark Stream
EcoZone / Shark Adventure
Marvels and Mysteries / Sea Turtle Island
Small Animal Holding / Large Animal Holding
Shark Kitchen / Above Shark
Chem Lab / Filtration
Swim into the Sea Scavenger Hunt
Exploration Journal
3:30 PM Education Zone
Tutoring, games, questions, and exploration
5:00 PM Pick Up