A shallow sea, known as the Western Interior Seaway, covered Oklahoma more than 100 million years ago. It was home to prehistoric reptiles with huge teeth, bizarre shark species, and massive bony fish. This shallow ocean was also home to many invertebrates that settled in the soft mud of Oklahoma’s sea floor, producing fascinating fossils. Oklahoma’s only ocean now is the Oklahoma Aquarium! The aquarium is 80,000 square feet of aquatic adventures, from prehistoric fish still roaming Oklahoma waters to the largest collection of bull sharks in the world. All ages are welcome to visit and explore what the Oklahoma Aquarium has to offer.

Our OERB program includes more information about how ancient marine fossils transformed from creatures to crude, a guide to interactive exploration for all ages, and an entire ocean’s worth of other aquatic information. Programs are based on grade level.

Come prepared to dive in to fun!

OERB funding requires participation in the Oklahoma’s Oceans! program. If you forfeit your program, then your field trip will not be refunded by OERB and it will be the responsibility of your school or district to pay. Please arrive promptly; programs will be forfeited after 20 minutes.

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