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School or Youth Group Reservation

  1. Tax Exempt?*
  2. If you are not attending field trip, please list the name and phone number of at least one person we may contact in the event of a lost child or other emergency.
  3. When would you like to visit?

    Please allow up to 5 business days to receive email confirmation of your trip. Email confirmation is required in order to receive field trip admission rates.

  4. Grade Level/Age Range of Group*
    Select all that apply to your group.
  5. The number of required (free) chaperones plus any other adults your group is paying for.
  6. This number is only used to predict visitor capacity for the day; it does not affect your group's price.
  7. Add-ons -Please Read

    Classroom programs and guided tours are offered Wed.-Fri. only.

    If you request a classroom-based program and have 75+ students, you may be asked to split into two groups to receive back-to-back classes. 

    If you request a tour and have 25+ students, you may be asked to split into two groups to receive back-to-back tours.

  8. Feed the Animals?*

    Groups may reserve a maximum of 50 cups per feed stand.

  9. Would you like to purchase group tickets for the carousel?
  10. Would you like to receive emails about new programs, events, and promotions?*
  11. List any comments, special needs, or accessibility concerns here.
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