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School or Youth Group Reservation

  1. Will this be your first field trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium?*

  2. If you are not attending field trip, please list the name and phone number of at least one person we may contact in the event of a lost child or other emergency.

  3. When would you like to visit?

    Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive email confirmation of your trip. Email confirmation is required in order to receive field trip admission rates.

  4. Group Size and Age Range

    IMPORTANT: The Oklahoma Aquarium requires chaperone ratios of 5:1 for 2nd grade and younger and 10:1 for 3rd grade and older. The number of chaperones needed to meet these ratios for your group will receive free admission; chaperones in excess of these ratios will pay $10 admission.

  5. Grade Level/Age Range of Group*

    Select all that apply to your group.

  6. List the number of chaperones required PLUS any additional chaperones who will be paid for by the school or group.

  7. Are any chaperones paying separately from your group?

  8. We use this number is used to predict visitor capacity for the day.

  9. Feed the Animals*

    Groups may reserve a maximum of 50 cups per feed stand. Turtle feed: $2 per cup. Stingray feed: $3 per cup.

  10. Tax Exempt?*

  11. Leave This Blank:

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