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Feb 21

Creating Magic Moments: The True-Life Fairy Tale for an Aquarium-Loving Tulsa Family

Posted on February 21, 2022 at 12:53 PM by Lollie Moore

Creating Magic Moments: The True-Life Fairy Tale for an Aquarium-Loving Tulsa Family

Fairy tales really do come true—just ask Shaun and Carly Napier. For the past 12 years and going on 13, the Napiers have experienced so many magical family milestones galore as they’ve enjoyed the Oklahoma Aquarium’s amazing underwater exhibits and deep-sea creatures.

the napier family

Check out these smiles! Carly with twins Tess and Triss, and husband Shaun, as they prepare to embark on another aquatic adventure


“The Aquarium is so special to us” - Carly Napier


The magic started when she was attending her senior prom here in 2008 with her high-school sweetheart, Shaun. While an ice storm raged outside (thanks, Oklahoma weather!), the lovebirds enjoyed the warm, inviting atmosphere of the Aquarium’s event space—laughing and dancing in full view of the sharks, turtles, and fishes. This moment was what created their lasting relationship with the Oklahoma Aquarium. Little did they know what the future would hold for them and how big a role the Oklahoma Aquarium would play in it.


Skip ahead a few years and these high school sweethearts are ready to take it to the next level. As Shaun planned his big romantic move he knew how he wanted to pop the big question. He brought Carly to the Oklahoma Aquarium, and dropped down on one knee to make his proposal official in front of the Polynesian Reef—with a little help from our events team, of course! No surprise—Carly said yes! (We love making these moments happen for our guests!)


With the help of an underwater diver, Shaun makes his romantic proposal to high-school sweetheart, Carly.



A few years later, when Carly learned she was pregnant, she immediately thought of the memories she and Shaun already shared here, and she called us for a little more creative magic.

Surprises abound for Shaun this time around—as Carly borrows a page from his proposal to announce their pregnancy.



“I surprised him and told him we were expecting at the Aquarium,” Carly says. “Little did we know we’d both be surprised at our ultrasound and find out we were having twins—my lifelong dream!”


Love times two! Carly and Shaun discover they’re having twins.


Naturally, once the twin girls, Tess and Triss, were born, it made perfect, happily-ever-after sense to share the magic of the Oklahoma Aquarium with their daughters. They have an ongoing membership here, and they visit often to enjoy wonderful family fun.


And now, Tess and Triss are discovering the magic of the Aquarium for themselves. “Tess’s favorite are the turtles, and Triss loves the otters,” Carly says. “The aquarium holds so many incredibly special memories for us and our family!”


“The aquarium holds so many incredibly special memories for us and our family!”


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