Homeschools and Small Groups

We offer discounts for homeschool families, field trips for small groups (5-20 students), and virtual field trips for EVERYONE! For a description of virtual offerings, scroll to the bottom of this page. Our virtual field trips can be purchased by anyone- not just schools.

  1. In-Person Field Trips (5-20 Students)
  2. Homeschool Discounts (1-5)

Prices and Guidelines

Whether you are a homeschool group, a church group, a nonprofit, or just a smaller class from a public school, any youth-based group with 5-20 students (not including chaperones) is eligible to fill out the form below to receive discounted rates to visit for a self-guided field trip!

Please submit your request with at least 2 weeks of advance notice. You are not guaranteed the discounted rate without email confirmation from our education department. We cannot give available dates or book field trips over the phone or via email.

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Field Trip Pricing for Small Groups (5-20 students)
Student (Age 3-17)$9 plus tax
Chaperone*$10 plus tax
*You group receives one discounted chaperone per student. If you have more adults than the 1:1 ratio, the additional adults pay regular admission rates.

Virtual Field Trips

Individuals and small groups can purchase pre-recorded videos that come with printable accompanying activities for optimal learning and endless fun! Our videos and activities are designed to meet Oklahoma Academic Science Standards for K-12 students and can be purchased by anyone. Once you receive your video materials, you will have access to them through the end of the following month (for example, if you purchase in October, you'll have access through November 30).

Virtual Field Trips Long-02
  1. Turtle Time (K-3rd)
  2. Into the EcoZone (4th-6th)
  3. The Inside Story (7th-12th)

Video Length: 15 min
Cost: $4/student
OAS Standards Met: K.LS1.1, K.ESS2.2, 1.ESS3.1, 2.LS4.1, 3.LS3.2

Learn all about the diversity of turtles from Oklahoma to the ocean! Turtle time showcases all of the Oklahoma Aquarium's turtles and teaches students to compare and contrast turtles of all shapes and sizes across many habitats. Students will also learn that animals' behaviors and body types often function to help them thrive in a specific habitat.

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