Aquarium License Plate

The Oklahoma Aquarium has started a campaign to create our very own specialty license plate. This license plate will directly support the Oklahoma Aquarium and its mission every time one is purchased or renewed. In order for the Oklahoma Tax Commission to authorize production of a new specialty plate, we must collect 200 prepaid application forms. If you would like to be counted as one of the first Oklahomans to showcase our custom designed license plate, please submit a pledge below. When 200 pledges are reached, we will mail you an application and kindly request a prompt return with a $40 check made out to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Note that if you have already submitted an application, then there is no need to submit an additional pledge.

I pledge to submit a completed application along with a $40 payment when the Oklahoma Aquarium reaches its goal of 200 pledges.  

Submit your pledge today.

Oklahoma Aquarium License Plate-No BG