Sea Turtle Birthday Party

Celebrate our loggerhead sea turtle's 25th birthday with special treats, gifts, and fun activities for everyone on Saturday, November 9, from 2-4 p.m.! We'll reveal the new name of our male turtle, and you'll find out how you can help save the sea turtles from right here in Oklahoma. Cost: Free for members; general admission for non-members.


What's the best gift you can get for a sea turtle? More birthdays! That may sound complicated, but it's as simple cleaning out those plastic bags from your kitchen.

One way we can all give the gift of more birthdays is by reducing the number of plastic grocery bags that end up in our oceans. Even from Oklahoma, our plastic bags and other garbage have the potential to reach a sea turtle's habitat as it flows down waterways connecting to the Mississippi River, and ultimately, the Gulf of Mexico. Once in the ocean, a hungry loggerhead sea turtle may ingest the plastic bag, mistaking its identity for a tasty-looking sea jelly. This is a common mistake that sea turtles make, but they can't make that mistake when they have you to help them! 

We want you to help keep our waters clean by bringing your plastic grocery bags to the aquarium. The M.e.t. will  later recycle these bags, therefore keeping sea turtles safe! Receptacles for plastic grocery bags will be available from October 1 through November 9 (admission required). While we are not collecting other plastics at this time, check the M.e.t.'s website to find local recycling centers and information on other recyclables.

Vote for Your Favorite Name for Our Sea Turtle

In honor of our loggerhead sea turtle's 25th birthday, we want you to give him a special gift—a name! Beginning October 11, you and your family can visit the Oklahoma Aquarium and vote for your favorite name at a special voting booth. When you vote, you’ll receive an "I Voted" sea turtle sticker as a thank you for helping us choose his name, which will be revealed at his birthday party on Saturday, November 9.  

Loggerhead sea turtle birthday