Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB)

OErb Field Trips at the Oklahoma Aquarium

Over 100 million years ago, the state we now know as Oklahoma was a warm, shallow seaway full of amazing reptiles, fish, and invertebrates. Today, Oklahoma's only ocean is the Oklahoma Aquarium! Home to the world's largest collection of bull sharks, the Oklahoma Aquarium offers a unique chance for students to get a close look at all kinds of prehistoric fish that swim in our oceans and even in our own lakes and rivers. Students will also attend a short program that explains the connection between oceans, fossils, and fossil fuels. An OERB field trip is great for students of any age.


Our OERB program includes fun facts about how ancient marine fossils transformed from creatures to crude, a guide to interactive exploration for all ages, and an entire ocean's worth of other aquatic information. Programs are based on grade level and last approximately 20-30 minutes. Attending this program is mandatory for OERB groups. The program is only open to the students and teachers/school employees whose admission was paid for by OERB. Parents/additional chaperones who are paying separately from the group are welcome to enjoy the exhibits, café, and gift shop while their group is in the class.


Book an OERB field trip to the aquarium today. Please note that you must submit a direct request to OERB for a field trip, in addition to submitting the online form for the aquarium. If multiple OERB teachers wish to attend the trip and program together, please have one teacher submit the reservation on behalf of the whole group (and list the other teachers' names on the form).

Please allow up to two weeks to receive an email to confirm your reservation. We recommend placing your request to OERB first to prevent any delays as your trip cannot be confirmed until OERB has approved funding for your group.