About Us

Our Mission

Did you know that more than 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water? That means our oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams are critically important to the overall health of our planet. Our mission is "to educate and inspire conservation of our aquatic world through interactive discovery."


The Oklahoma Aquarium opened its doors to the public on May 28, 2003, although the facility was a dream and passion for founders Dr. P.R. Ramey and Doug Kemper in 1984. The Oklahoma Aquarium Foundation settled on a plot of land on the west bank of the Arkansas River in Jenks—now home to the Oklahoma Aquarium—thanks to the fundraising efforts led by Dr. Ramey and Trustee Harvie Roe, and the vision of Jenks city leaders Mayor Mike Tinker, Vice Mayor Vic Vreeland, and City Manager Randy Ewing. In June of 2000, Chief Operating Officer Kenny Alexopoulos and his team from Galveston, Texas, relocated to Jenks to design and construct the Oklahoma Aquarium’s exhibits and to build and maintain its world-renowned bull shark collection. Today, the biology team is recognized for its bull shark research and groundbreaking coral research. 


Chief Operating Officer: Kenny Alexopoulos
Deputy Director: John Money
Curator: Christa Clawson
Director of Development and Research: Ann Money

Oklahoma Aquarium Foundation Board of Directors

  • Dave Shirley President
  • Carolina Morris Vice President
  • Shawn Orth Treasurer
  • Todd Blackburn Secretary
  • Jeff Bonds General Counsel
  • Matt Griffin
  • Steven Baker 
  • Diana Beaulieu  
  • William Cole 
  • Jerry Floyd 
  • George Foldesy 
  • Kevin Gore 
  • Dason Gwartney 
  • Jeremy Johnson 
  • Carey Jolin 
  • Galen Martens 
  • Steve McClellan
  • Keith Montgomery 
  • Matthew Norfleet 
  • Marco Placencia 
  • Brandon Robbins 
  • Harvie Roe 
  • Kristal Sack 
  • John Sieler 
  • Jan Skinner 
  • Derek Smithee 
  • Stephen Sutton 
  • John Tulloch 
  • John Vollbrecht

Jenks Aquarium Authority

  • Trustee Jeff Bonds
  • Mayor Cory Box
  • Councilor Kaye Lynn
  • Trustee Keith Montgomery
  • Councilor Craig Murray
  • Vice Mayor Donna Ogez
  • Trustee Harvie Roe
  • City Manager Chris Shrout

Jenks City Council

  • Mayor Cory Box
  • Councilor Rodney Cline
  • Councilor Gary Isbell
  • Councilor Kaye Lynn
  • Councilor Craig Murray
  • Vice Mayor Donna Ogez
  • Councilor Kevin Short
  • City Manager Chris Shrout