Job Openings


Applicants must submit a completed City of Jenks application, resumé and references. Apply to: Janis Davis,


Job Description:  
Under leadership of the Biology Supervisor, this person will be responsible for the overall health, appearance, maintenance, and cleanliness of the exhibits and animal collection. 
Interest and coursework in the Biological or Natural Sciences is preferred. Salary $20,581.00/year, medical benefits and 401k.

Job Qualifications
• Bachelors degree in biology, chemistry, environmental science, or related field; or 2-4 years experience working with captive aquatic life.
• Extensive knowledge of the disposition, habitats, nutritional requirements, physiology, cleaning and health needs for a diverse aquatic animal collection. 
• Working knowledge of water filtration systems including; biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration.
• Understanding of the nitrogen cycle.
• The ability to handle live animals. 
• Ability to work safely with hazardous animals and chemicals and follow respective safety protocols.
• Ability to be flexible with changing exhibits and the needs of those exhibits.
• High degree of concentration and attention to detail 
• Good record keeping skills 
• Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing
• The ability to lift 50lbs and work on ones feet for long periods of time in adverse conditions (climbing ladders, cramped spaces, cold water, wet environment) 
• Current SCUBA certification or the ability to acquire certification within six months of hire.
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office software 
• Schedule may include weekends and holidays with 24 hour availability seven days a week for emergencies 
•Other job duties as assigned. 

Job Duties
• Maintain animal health by completing daily system check-ups, feedings, exhibit cleanings, and filtration cleanings.
• Complete water changes or make chemical adjustments to maintain water quality as needed. 
• Complete quarantine and treatment procedures as directed by supervisors.
• Communicate with supervisors to maintain timely ordering of animals, food, and supplies.
• Communicate with department members and supervisors the needs and issues relating to animals and systems and work with them to resolve any problems.
• Help train new husbandry department employees in established standards and protocols
• Keep work area clean and organized
• Fill out appropriate logs for animal health, movements, acquisitions/dispositions, mortalities and water usage.
• Interacts with the public during educational shows and through general questions.



Job Description:  
As the first point of guest contact, the Administration Receptionist is expected to conduct themselves, in a pleasant, professional and courteous manner at all times. An integral part of their responsibilities will include directing the incoming call flow, answering any customer inquiries and assisting any needs which may arise before, during or after their visit to the Oklahoma Aquarium. These include, but are not limited to, providing directions to the aquarium, answering questions regarding front door and online sales, special event details and membership information. They must also be prepared to, in a pleasant respectful manner, address various complaints and suggestions, reporting any incidents that may require attention to a supervisor. In addition they must oversee all outgoing and incoming mail, including some email, signing for any deliveries, and notifying the appropriate department immediately upon arrival. Applicants must be prepared to assist all departments in any way possible to ensure that daily operations and events run as smoothly as possible. This will include cross training to assist with admissions as needed. In order to adequately perform these functions applicants must be computer proficient; capable of operating Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as learning the aquarium’s data management systems.

Qualifications and Responsibilities:
Salary: $7.63/hour. Applicants must be friendly, detail-oriented, and have experience with Windows Word and Excel (2000 or better), a High School Diploma or equivalent, and some experience in customer service or hospitality fields. Applicants may be required to complete an Oklahoma Aquarium Math Test.



Job Description:  
As the first point of customer contact, ticket agents are expected to conduct themselves, in a pleasant, professional and courteous manner. In addition to this they are expected to encourage smooth flow of traffic through the entrance by maintenance of cash drawers, ticket booths and atrium. Agents will also be expected to prepare daily reports (Daily bank outs, Log sheets, etc,) and assist in opening and closing duties as needed. Agents must be prepared to assist the Catering, Marketing Departments, Facilities Departments and Volunteers with event set-up and with maintaining a quality experience for our guests by assuring a clean and organized facility.

Qualifications and Responsibilities:
Applicants must be friendly, detail oriented, with experience with Windows Word and Excel (2000 or better), a High School Diploma or equivalent, and some experience in customer service or hospitality fields. Applicants may be required to complete an Oklahoma Aquarium Math Test and Application. Salary: $7.63/hour. Approximately 20 hours per week including some weekends and holidays. 

Wildlife Trading Company of New Mexico – Email resume to to apply


Job Description:  
The Assistant Store Manager is responsible for all daily functions needed to operate the gift shop, including supervising gift shop personnel, inventory handling and stock organization. The Assistant Store Manager reports to the Store Manager, works under the direction of the WTCNM Corporate staff, and has the ability to handle routine and non-routine functions without close supervision, but within WTCNM policies. The Assistant Store Manager will work within the general guidelines for employees of the institution where the shop is located (Oklahoma Aquarium – Jenks, OK)

Job Duties

  • Creates a "team" atmosphere within the store(s), and assists with staff development.
  • Implements operational procedures as outlined by the Store manager.
  • Thoroughly understand and exercises the duties and procedures required of Sales Associates.
  • Ensures correct sales procedures are taught.
  • Knowledgeable of store merchandise.
  • Completes the daily duty rosters.
  • Completes the weekly/monthly financials, and transmits to Corporate.
  • Coordinates the hiring, training, and conduct of store personnel.
  • Ensures cash control procedures established by WTCNM are instituted and scrupulously followed.
  • Ensure that store(s) are adequately stocked.
  • Ensures compliance with WTCNM's philosophy of operation for the shops.
  • Spends adequate time on the sales floor, and communicates regularly with management on product feedback and customer issues.
  • Responsible for ensuring service standards and sales projections are achieved.
  • Willing to work in each retail store at facility as needed.
  • Maintains high customer service standards.
  • Receives goods and maintains the inventory control system for each store.
  • Assists with the semi-annual physical inventory.
  • Supports store profitability by achieving sales goals and costs controls.
  • Perform other duties as required by WTCNM.

Job Qualifications

  • A high school graduate with additional college education in business management, retail or merchandise related courses preferred. Work experience in the retail field may be considered in lieu of college.
  • Minimum five years retail experience.
  • Ability to meet federal, state and local requirements for employment.
  • Ability to lift moderately sized boxes and goods weighing up to 35 pounds.
  • Ability to work flexible schedule, including evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Must possess a valid driver's license.
  • Willingness to travel to WTCNM accounts as needed.


The Oklahoma Aquarium offers students the opportunity to get involved with our day-to-day operations and work with staff. Students who participate in our intern programs will receive credit for their time spent working at the Oklahoma Aquarium. Click Here for Information on Internship Opportunities