Fish Tales


Fish Tales

Did an Oklahoma Aquarium stingray splash you or did you meet our seahorses?  Download the Fish Tale Form here, then have your little story tellers and artists write out and/or draw us a picture of their favorite Fish Tale to receive half-price admission and a chance to win prizes.

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The Fish Tale can be real or imaginary, but it does need to come from a real 3 to 12 year-old. No fair parents taking control of the crayons! Then, bring it to us for half-price admission and the chance to win prizes.  Here are the details or "fine print" kind of things: 

  • The half-price admission offer is limited to two child admissions per a paid adult admission (or senior or military - just someone over 12).  Each child must submit a Fish Tale for the discounted admission.  We want to encourage their creativity!
  • This discount cannot be combined with other discounts, coupons or special offers.  If there is another promotion at the same time, the greater of the two discounts will be honored. 
  • If you're a member and don't benefit from discounted admissions, your Fish Tale sharing kids are still eligible for prizes.
  • A parent or guardian will need to fill out an information and permission sheet for the child submitting a Fish Tale to be eligible for prizes. You can download the Parent/Guardian Form here, fill it out in advance and turn it in at the same time you turn in the Fish Tale.  We will also have the parent/guardian sheets available at admission. 
  • Small prizes may be awarded through the summer and larger prizes will be awarded at the end of summer in one or more events.  Dates will be posted here on our website and on social media.  It will not be necessary to be present to win. 
  • The number of prizes and criteria for selection will be contingent on the number and variety of Fish Tales submitted.  Winners will be selected by Oklahoma Aquarium staff and volunteers and/or public input.  That may sound a little vague, but if we receive more Fish Tales from kids who are 3 to 7-years-old than from kids who are 8 to 12-years-old, we may want to give more prizes to the larger group. 
  • We can tell you what kind of prizes will be awarded - tee-shirts, small toys, tickets to Oklahoma Aquarium events such as HallowMarine and Sleep with the Sharks and other fun stuff. 

Fish Tales Winners