Do You Have a Passion for Marine Life?

The Aqua-Teen program (ages 13-17) is an opportunity for teens with a passion for marine life to get their hands wet and get involved in a world-class aquatic facility. Teens accepted into the space-limited Aqua-Teen program can develop their passion and knowledge of marine creatures and environments through volunteering. Aqua-Teens get a first-hand look into the operations, skills, knowledge and handling of animals in this unique Aquarium program.


Aqua-Teen handing out candy during HallowMarine

Steps to Apply

1. Talk to your parents about becoming an AquaTeen and have them look over the application with you.

2. Fill out the online application.

3. Print out and sign the Aqua-Teen Agreement and Parental Consent form.

4. Attend an orientation session and bring the signed agreement and parental consent form.