Aqua-Teen Volunteer Application

Dear Future Aqua-Teen,

We would like to thank you for inquiring about the Aqua-Teen Program at the Oklahoma Aquarium. We are excited about the high levels of interest in the Program and will be reviewing applications for interested teens between the ages of 13-17. At this time our program is limited and admittance to the program is based on the application process.

Before you apply, please take a look at some of the requirements and expectations of the Oklahoma Aquarium Aqua-Teen Program Aqua-Teens is a seasonal/year-round program that offers youth a range of opportunities. Educational programming is the primary focus of the program, and Aqua-Teens can participate in several ways:

Aqua-Teen Functions:

• On-site education and interaction at specific galleries/areas, using bio-facts and activities.

• Assisting with SeaCamps, Sleep with the Sharks events, Scout Day and Special Events such as HallowMarine, The Aquarium Run, World Ocean’s Day etc.

• Handling live animals for the purpose of public education.

Time Commitment:

The program requires a commitment of at least one full year, during which you are expected to serve at least 8 hours per month from August through May and 16 hours a month in June and July.

General Program Requirements and Expectations:

• Participate and successfully complete all requirements for our training course.

• Regular schedule of one 4-hour shift every other week from August through May and one 4 hour shift every week during June and July (unless indicated by a particular position). You will be required to make sure your shift is covered if you are unable to work on a particular day.

• 12 month commitment.

• Adhere to dress codes and all other rules established for all Oklahoma Aquarium Employees and other Staff.

• A $30 fee defrays the costs of training materials and a uniform shirt and badge.

Click here to fill out a volunteer application.

If accepted, you will be notified to attend the next Aqua-Teen orientation. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to “sea”ing you soon!