Sharklahoma is a collaboration between the Oklahoma Aquarium and the Sharklahoma Logo 2021Jenks Chamber of Commerce to celebrate our community and its local businesses, while also raising awareness about the ecological and economic importance of sharks.

Given the importance of sharks to Jenks and beyond, the Jenks Chamber of Commerce met with the Oklahoma Aquarium in 2018 to create a celebration of these sharks and the incredible community where you can see them. The result was Sharklahoma—a month-long celebration of all-things shark, with events at the Oklahoma Aquarium and several other supportive local businesses throughout Jenks.

The Oklahoma Aquarium is home to the only bull shark exhibit in the Western Hemisphere. With 10 bull sharks on exhibit, it is also the world’s largest collection of bull sharks. This exhibit, among others, has earned the Oklahoma Aquarium media attention from around the globe. Since opening in 2003, the Oklahoma Aquarium has been a great source of pride and economic growth for the city of Jenks. The bull sharks have also participated in important research projects to help humans and other sharks in captivity. Learn more about our shark research. 

Shark Events at the Oklahoma Aquarium in July

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Visit all of Oklahoma’s sharks! 

In addition to our world-class bull shark exhibit, you will see several other shark species in the Oklahoma Aquarium, including a few you can touch at the Shark and Ray Touch Tank. 

  • Bamboo Sharks 
  • Marbled Cat Sharks 
  • Nurse Sharks
  • Swell Sharks

Behind the scenes, we have additional shark species:

  • Bonnethead Sharks
  • Leopard Sharks
  • Zebra Sharks

Help biologists feed and train our zebra sharks behind the scenes during a Shark Encounter and Feed Experience!