The Oklahoma Aquarium is grateful to our sponsors and volunteers. If you would like to help support the aquarium’s education programs or exhibits, you can give a tax-deductible donation. The gift of time is also greatly appreciated; volunteers protect our aquatic world and teach our guests about the importance of the animals and their habitats. To volunteer, fill out the volunteer form online.

Relief Fund

The Oklahoma Aquarium is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and values community support and donations, particularly during difficult times. We thank all of our donors and volunteers who share their time and services as the Oklahoma Aquarium confronts historic flooding.

We’re grateful that our facility and animals remain unharmed, however, we welcome any assistance for our unexpected operating costs, as well as expenses related to emergency assistance services. We also appreciate volunteers for current and future needs.

As we continue to monitor the flooding around the aquarium, we remain open to the public. We hope your family visits our world-class facility now and as an aquarium member throughout the year. We thank you for your loyal support of the Oklahoma Aquarium.

Giant pacific Octopus exhibit 

The Oklahoma Aquarium is building its newest exhibit: The Secret World of the Octopus. The exhibit will allow visitors to see a 360-degree view of a giant Pacific octopus in a large cylinder tank with a shipwreck-themed structure. 

This is the aquarium’s first exhibit funded entirely through public donations. Fundraising for the new exhibit began March 6, 2018, when octopus wristbands went on sale to the general public for $3 each. The “Expand with a Band” campaign sold nearly 40,000 wristbands by the end of 2018 and raised $110,000 for the exhibit. If you're interested in donating to the exhibit, then we appreciate your donation today

General Support

We continue to improve our exhibits, facilities, and education programs through ongoing efforts. You can support our mission “To educate and inspire the conservation of our aquatic world through interactive discovery,” by giving through general support. Here are a few examples of how your donations can make a difference:

  • Donation of $25: Feeds all the mammals in the Ozark Stream exhibit for a week.
  • Donation of $100: Provides food and vitamins to our sea turtles for a week.

Donate online today.

Fish Friends Education Fund

One of the most impactful ways to help the Oklahoma Aquarium’s mission is to support the Fish Friends Scholarship Fund. Your gift pays for underserved school groups to enjoy the educational benefits of a field trip to the aquarium.

Donate online today.

Planned Giving

The Oklahoma Aquarium Foundation participates in the Tulsa Community Foundation Planned Giving Partnership

Major Sponsorship Opportunities

The Polynesian Reef, Great Hall, and EcoZone are available for major sponsorship, including naming rights, discounts on facility use, and free admission. For more information, please contact Janis Davis at 918-528-1555 or email